Our Team

Chairman/CEO – Kishore Varada as the founder of Rainier Regional Center, he ensures best practices and EBS compliance by reviewing projects for investors risks, provides strategic direction and oversight to Rainier Regional Center's real estate, marketing, and legal teams. Mr. Varada is responsible for managing the due diligence review process for all of Rainier RegionalCenter's deals before their final internal approval and release to the EB-5 market.

CO-Director of Global Operations—Krishna Reddy Reddy oversees Rainier Regional Center's investor development and relations, agent communications, immigration matters, and manages the daily operations. Mr. Reddy works with the regional center's developer partners and closely monitors the progress of each project. Additionally, he is responsible for the structuring, oversight, sourcing, and closing of all of the regional centers real estate investments. Finally, Mr. Reddy is also in charge of overseas marketing efforts and frequently travels overseasfor project promotion.

President/Director of Finance & Accounting- Sreenivasa Vangara oversees and promotes the core goals of Rainier Regional Center to ensure growth and good standing with investors, agencies, employees, vendors, and members. Mr. Vangara will direct, manage, and oversee the operation of all accounting, finance, IT, and human resource functions.

CFO -Alex Whitney carries out all of Rainier Regional Center's daily accounting, finance, IT, and human resources functions. Mr. Whitney is responsible for all corporate accounting operations including financial reporting, accounts payable/receivable, payroll, cash management, and income taxes.

Office Coordinator- Jyothi Dikkala is instrumental in the day-to-day operations at Rainier Regional Center and is responsible for the oversight of all support and administrative services including taking calls. She is fluent in multiple languages to help communicate with investors as needed.